Grazing & Pasture:
528 – Prescribed Grazing

Purpose: The Mississippi Code: 528 MS CPS Prescribed Grazing 2022 promotes sustainable grazing management practices to optimize forage utilization, improve soil health, and enhance ecosystem resilience. Prescribed grazing involves systematically controlling livestock grazing patterns to maintain vegetation vigor and soil integrity.

Key Implementation Activities:

  1. Providing technical guidance on rotational grazing systems, stocking rates, and pasture rest periods to maximize forage productivity and minimize environmental degradation.
  2. Offering financial incentives and technical assistance to implement fencing, water systems, and infrastructure improvements necessary for effective grazing management.
  3. Conducting pasture health assessments to monitor vegetation composition, soil compaction, and nutrient cycling.
  4. Collaborating with livestock producers, extension agents, and conservation organizations to develop customized grazing plans and management strategies.

Producer Benefits:

  1. Optimal Forage Utilization: Prescribed grazing systems ensure efficient utilization of pasture resources, maximizing livestock production while maintaining adequate ground cover and plant vigor.
  2. Soil Health Improvement: Rotational grazing reduces soil compaction, promotes nutrient cycling, and enhances soil organic matter content, improving fertility and water retention.
  3. Biodiversity Conservation: Managed grazing practices support diverse plant communities and wildlife habitats, enhancing ecosystem resilience and biodiversity.
  4. Economic Viability: Well-managed grazing systems improve livestock performance, reduce input costs, and enhance farm profitability, contributing to the long-term sustainability of agricultural operations.

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