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We all know that agriculture isn’t an easy business to sustain. But every underserved agriculture producer is crucial for Mississippi, 82% of which is identified as food deserts (limited access to healthy foods).

That’s where Team Vanguard’s SmartAgGro Pilot comes in. As part of our partnership with the USDA, our biggest goal is to provide our producers with the much-needed assistance to improve and increase production. To do that, complete a contact form to learn more.

The SmartAgGro Pilot helps underserved farmers and ranchers gain access to our technical assistance by joining the Smart-Way Incentive Program (SWIP). 

What is the SmartWay Incentive Program?

The Smart-Way Incentive Program (SWIP) is a service and support capability offered as part of the SmartAgGro Pilot under the Partnerships for Climate-Smart Commodities Grant of the United States Department of Agriculture. 

It intends to help underserved farmers and ranchers grow climate-smart commodities and improve their sustainability in the marketplace.

What is the SmartWay Incentive Program?

The SmartWay Incentive program is part of the 141 selected projects under partners for climate-smart commodities of the USDA.

Our mission is to help farmers and ranchers develop climate-smart commodities and create a sustainable marketplace.

Learn more about our program and how you can enroll today.

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SWIP Summary and
Climate-Smart Practices  

The Smart-Way Incentive Program (SWIP) aims to provide financial assistance and support to socially disadvantaged and underserved producers in agriculture and ranching to improve soil health and business operations management. The incentives offered through the SWIP include a combination of materials and a cash stipend valued at $26,500.00. These incentives support soil health and business operations management.

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